Start a Virtualenv Django Shell From the Linux Desktop

If you are tired to fire a terminal window, cd to your project directory and activate your python virtualenv to get to your Django project, you will find here some tips to improve things a little bit. This tip is divided in two parts : First we create a shell startup script that activates the virtualenv, bash completion and cd in the project directory. Then we create a Linux Desktop Entry file That spawns a console in our environment.

Checking Google Play Signatures With Django

Google play, formerly known as the Android Market, provides in-app billing in several countries. In the Security and Design page, Google states the following: If practical, you should perform signature verification on a remote server and not on a device. Implementing the verification process on a server makes it difficult for attackers to break the verification process by reverse engineering your .apk file. If you do offload security processing to a remote server, be sure that the device-server handshake is secure.