About me

/images/avatar.webp I’m a Hands on seasoned Technical Manager with a strong expertise both in mobile applications and backend services development. In the 90s, I pioneered the French media Web with Libération, Le Monde and France Télévisions.

I started building my expertise in mobile applications in 2001, well before the rise of the iPhone and Android platforms. First with embedded navigation and next with mobile imaging, I managed to get my hands dirty with virtually every phone platform, from handset vendors proprietary ones to iOS and Android through Windows Mobile, J2ME, Symbian, Doja and even Brew.

On the server side, I followed the state of the art technologies as they matured, starting from basic CGI up to GRPC and Websockets, through Perl, PHP, JSP/J2EE, ASP, Struts, Spring, .Net, Rails, Django, NestJS, GraphQL… I mounted servers on racks but was more than happy to build virtual infrastructures with code when it became possible.

I had the chance to work in startups, medium sized enterprises as well as in fortune 500 companies in utilities, media and high tech. I eventually served as VP Engineering, but never stopped programming (and enjoying it).

Entrepreneur, Team builder and technical mentor, I Love to build teams and make things happen.